Industry Leading Services

Providing services as the lowest Responsible bidder does not always mean the lowest price. It is usually a combination of the lowest price and the most responsible, most qualified team to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.

We provide HVAC, Plumbing and Prefabrication services using the best technology available in the market.

By holding our MYCO employees to a higher standard, we’re able to give clients the best product at the established specifications and pricing. We’re not taking shortcuts on anything.

Our employees demonstrate great workmanship skills and a willingness to grow.


All facets of HVAC design through construction including:

  • Piping
  • Hydronic
  • Steel Weld, T&C or Mechanical Joint
  • Copper-Sweat, Brazed, Press or Mechanical Joint
  • Stainless-Weld, T&C or Mechanical Joint
  • Gas – High/Med/Low Pressures, Steel Weld & T&C
  • Steam/Condensate – High/Med/Low pressure, Steel Weld or Threaded
  • Process Water Systems – Steel, Copper, 
PVC or Stainless
  • Refrigeration – ACR Tubing-Brazing; Evacuation & Charging with refrigerant
  • Condensate Piping- Steel, Copper or 
PVC piping systems


  • Rigging Heating and AC equipment
  • Boilers, Chillers, Air Handlers, Horizontal Unit Ventilators, Vertical UV’s, Heat Pumps, VAV’s, Terminal Equipment
  • Split and VRF Systems
  • CRAC Data Cooling Systems
  • High, medium and low pressure rectangular, round and oval duct systems.
  • Grilles, registers, diffusers and fans


We utilize industry leading software and precision instruments for maximum accuracy and total project efficiency.

  • AutoCAD
  • Total Station
  • Pre-Fab Methods and Material Handling

We demo plumbing systems, cut and patch walls and floors, excavate underground systems, employing certified welders and properly licensed plumbers. All construction employees complete an OSHA 30 Safety course.

Installation Capabilities

  • Sanitary Waste/Drain/Vent
  • Storm water
  • Domestic water
  • Gas
  • Air
  • Vacuum
  • Medical gas
  • Acid waste piping
  • Hot water heater systems
  • Water softener systems
  • Pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Fixtures


Prefabrication maximizes resources, saves time on-site and ultimately reduces cost for all parties involved in a project. Working closely with the CAD department, the project is planned, drawn and spooled into manageable parts for efficient installation by a minimum field force—less manpower for shorter durations, and less stacking of trades.

The prefab shop and storage areas have expanded adding:

  • a plasma pipe cutter
  • new welding and positioning equipment
  • an ironworking machine
  • gantry cranes for heavy materials and relocating existing equipment
  • doubles as a training center providing “hands-on” training for apprentices.

Prefabricated pieces or assemblies:

  • hangers – duct and pipe
  • brackets and supports
  • cut and grooved/welded/threaded steel pipe
  • cut and grooved/sweat/brazed/propress copper tubing
  • HVAC unit coil connection assemblies
  • plumbing specialty assemblies including fixture battery carriers, pump racks etc.

Case Studies