Responsive and
Responsible People

Responsive and responsible people—that’s who we are. We hire the best people we can find and reward them commensurately so we can continue to be who we are. We’ve built a hard earned reputation over 20 years of solid growth. Our customers are extremely loyal because of the work we do, but the work we do is a product of the people we are. If you are responsive and responsible, why don’t you consider joining our team?

Our compensation package includes: competitive wages, competitive medical benefits, 401K, short-term & long-term disability, life insurance, dental plans. All employees are subject to security clearance and random drug testing.

Career Paths

At MYCO, we’re adamant about training to ensure that each of us continues to grow, so we’re better the next day, the next week, the next year. With constant personal growth for each individual, as a team we will be successful.

MYCO provides new and existing employees the ability to learn and grow through opportunities such as Apprentice training, Technical training, along with assistance for relevant certifications.

What Our Team Says

  • “The company trusts us as managers and workers and superintendents and field employees to do what we do best. I like that kind of freedom – I’m allowed to do what I’m good at – not everybody is built the same way…”

  • “It starts from the top down, finding the right project manager, making sure he’s the right person for the job. And in turn, finding the right superintendant, then work hard at it and all work together.”

  • “We have a lot of good people – a lot of fun people – how hard they work and the results they get.  You want to come to work every day.”

  • “You have to trust that the people you hire are doing right by not only you or the company but the people they’re working with – and that they’re successful and safe.”

  • “I’ve been hiring people that I’ve worked with for years and they’ve earned my trust and I’ve earned theirs from the years of experience we’ve had together.”

  • “It’s a good company to work for, steady work – the right work and they’re constantly busy.”

  • “MYCO fits me because we have the right people in the right places…it comes down to tools, materials, and we do a lot of prefab – it makes life a lot easier. It’s a great place to work.”

  • “Being responsible on the site means to me the lives around me – you’ve walked around here, you’ve seen what goes on. It takes a split second for things to go bad. Safety, that’s the most important thing. Without communication, it would all start falling apart.”

  • “We find most of our good people through word of mouth.”