Challenging Projects
Fit Us Perfectly

We get it right, right from the start with our comprehensive bid process — taking the time to understand the project from start to finish, planning and putting the right people in the right places. Carefully following safety standards. Making adjustments when needed and keeping a steady focus on the project goals. We get the job done and done right.

Each job is unique. The flawless processes are just as exciting as the jobs that present challenges. Each one allows us to expand and develop the skills of our staff. It’s exciting to see our team step up and achieve results that were insurmountable for other companies.

We earn the right results by the satisfaction of our clients as well as the feedback from our team. When our team is proud of their work, and the client is happy, that means a lot.


MYCO has earned a solid reputation through hard work and proactive thinking. We take responsibility for seeing each project through to completion. That means understanding all parts of the job, projecting through the “what ifs,” communicating clearly and doing whatever it takes to deliver as promised. Here are some of the projects we have experience in:

  • Public work
  • Multi prime jobs
  • Federal Government facilities
  • State facilities
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Chemical facilities
  • Military Facilities
  • K-12 Educational Facilities
  • Higher Ed Educational Facilities
  • Institutional Facilities

Case Studies


By embracing the digital world, we’ve created a level of accuracy for all materials that go out to a site. Information collected at the job site by our 3D scanner integrates to our REVIT and CAD staff in the office, and is accessible through laptops and tablets in the field. This constant communication results in more accurate dimensions, higher quality installations, and efficiencies in cost and time.

These technologies not only help us to perform faster and more accurately, but they also provide a better place for our employees to work, while getting the best product out to the owner.

  • 3D Cad with clash detection
  • Viewpoint Accounting Software for project management
  • Bluebeam job progress / photos software
  • iPads / technology / online prints / time tracking in field

  • They stay within the realm to every specification and drawing, and they know what they have to get done, and they try to do it in a timely manner. Professional.

  • They were flexible, responsive, and quick to resolve the issue. They are reasonably priced. They are very good to work with from a planning and execution standpoint. They have very good flexibility. They are not hounding you with change order after change order. They stick to the scope of the project.

    - Brian Datte, Penn Delco School District

  • They attended weekly job meetings. They were very easy to get along with.
    They worked well with the other contractors on the site. They worked well with the owner. There were changes that the owner made along the way and they were very flexible about approaching that, fair about dealing with it. Overall, our experience with them was quite good.

    - Mort Isaccson, Daley & Jalboot Architects

  • “We had a very challenging project to retrofit a new air conditioning system into a 1930’s stone and plaster construction type building. It was difficult getting the equipment and piping routed from the new chiller outside, through finished parts of the building, to the terminal units. We typically only get the summer to work on these projects while the students are gone and MYCO successfully managed and staffed the project to get it completed on time.”

    - Mike Spadafora, D’Huy Engineering

  • It went very well. I can make this really simple. Brian is a very good guy. He’s a very honest guy, and the company is a very good company. They do nice work. They’re very, very reliable. He has a very good office. The paperwork side of the government project is very complicated and he does that very well. They’ve got a very good office staff and Brian is very invested and a hard worker.

    - Pat Tovey, Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation