Middle School
Northampton County

A new middle school is being built in the Bethlehem School District. The building totals 180,000 square feet, including 2 gymnasiums, a 700 seat auditorium, library, kitchen, cafeteria, music & choral rooms, science labs and classrooms. Built on the same property as the existing middle school, the old school structure will be completely demolished to make room for new parking lots and a new synthetic athletic field.


This project is scheduled to receive a LEED Gold Certificate at its completion. MYCO is the HVAC contractor for the project. The method of heating and cooling is a hot and chilled water system, consisting of three new Fulton Boilers (totaling 6,000,000 BTU) & two Trane Chillers (exceeding 300 tons) providing all the needed hydronics for heating and cooling the spaces.


This heated/cooled water runs through nine Trane/Aaon Rooftop Air Handlers, seven Trane Indoor Air Handlers, two Annexair Roof Top Energy Recovery units, and 77 Dual or Single Box VAV’s, which manage the temperatures in the occupied spaces. Numerous Trane Terminal units serve as additional heating in areas that get inundated with outside air. MYCO’s staff is tasked with installing over three miles of piping to serve the hot/chilled water to these various units, and over 135,000 lbs of sheet metal to allow the tempered air to keep all spaces comfortable.


By a concerted effort of quality manpower and proper planning, all the major equipment is placed and most of the piping and duct have been installed, awaiting final system startup and commissioning.

Successful Outcome

The success of the project will be weighed in the coming months, but, all signs point in that direction.

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