Elementary School
Chester County

An Early Learning Center and Elementary School is a new 152,000 square foot two story building. It consists of K-5 classroom spaces, dining area, gymnasium and media center. The building is structural steel framed with slab on grade and concrete slab on composite steel deck.


The project is a four prime contractor job.

  • General Construction
  • Electrical Construction
  • HVAC Construction
  • Plumbing Construction

MYCO was awarded the Plumbing Construction contract.


Underground and above ground is PVC pipe and the installation was assisted by the GPS total station system. The domestic water system was completed using Pro-Press and Sweat combined. The school will have 2lb gas for the natural gas system. It is piped using black iron welded or screwed. All fixtures have low water consumption for LEED Silver rating.

Successful Outcome

The success of the project will be weighed in the coming months, but, all signs point in that direction.

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