We are people driven. It starts and ends with people. Quality people. Hiring and growing a team of well-qualified people. People who take pride in their work and stand behind it. Proactive people. Responsive and responsible people. For MYCO, there is no other way to do business. We’re continually raising the bar on “responsible” when it comes to lowest responsible contractor.

The Right Results. What Our Customers Say.

  • “We had a very challenging project to retrofit a new air conditioning system into a 1930’s stone and plaster construction type building. It was difficult getting the equipment and piping routed from the new chiller outside, through finished parts of the building, to the terminal units. We typically only get the summer to work on these projects while the students are gone and MYCO successfully managed and staffed the project to get it completed on time.”

    - Mike Spadafora, D’Huy Engineering

  • They stay within the realm to every specification and drawing, and they know what they have to get done, and they try to do it in a timely manner. Professional.

  • I’m very happy to have them here. Very professional. The workmanship is clean, neat and organized. Quality of the work is great. Everything looks good. There’s no complaining. If we run into a situation, we work through it. They’re friendly to work with. I’ve been very, very happy with them.

    - Skip Ferguson, Benaka, Inc.

  • If you could get these guys on your job, they’re the guys I would recommend. These guys have been very professional. We’re very happy to have them for the time-sensitive jobs. They can perform. They will work weekends. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done, without any complaints or headaches. They’re making my life fairly easy, because their part of this project is huge here.

    - Skip Ferguson, Benaka, Inc.

  • They are responsive. They follow up. Their office supports the people in the fields. They have good people in the fields working as foremen. The site foremen that I’ve dealt with are very good. When we did have changes, they were fair.

    - Ken Rodemer, Central Bucks School District

  • They are very conscientious. When they bid a project, they stay within their contract. Their communication guidelines are very good. They know their projects, steps, what’s on the drawings, and they fulfill their obligations.

  • The owner is very proactive and involved in the project. Even though he has project managers in the field, and we see the project managers and I know those people, he’s involved with his projects. He’s out to make sure the process is completed with the quality that is expected of them. They’re a very good group of guys.

  • When I’m doing a reference check on a contractor, I ask about the quality of their work. I ask whether it’s been done on time. I ask if they were fair when there were changes, with the pricing structure. And I ask about the individuals – if it was a positive experience. MYCO gets a positive response on all those things.

    - Mort Isaccson, Daley & Jalboot Architects

  • They were flexible, responsive, and quick to resolve the issue. They are reasonably priced. They are very good to work with from a planning and execution standpoint. They have very good flexibility. They are not hounding you with change order after change order. They stick to the scope of the project.

    - Brian Datte, Penn Delco School District

  • They attended weekly job meetings. They were very easy to get along with.
    They worked well with the other contractors on the site. They worked well with the owner. There were changes that the owner made along the way and they were very flexible about approaching that, fair about dealing with it. Overall, our experience with them was quite good.

    - Mort Isaccson, Daley & Jalboot Architects

  • Their workmanship is very good. They are on time. They’re on budget. They’re not the type of company that comes back with change orders. They are easy to deal with. Their past workmanship gives me more confidence that they can be part of the future projects.

    - Jeff Loeffler, Pennridge School District

  • It went very well. I can make this really simple. Brian is a very good guy. He’s a very honest guy, and the company is a very good company. They do nice work. They’re very, very reliable. He has a very good office. The paperwork side of the government project is very complicated and he does that very well. They’ve got a very good office staff and Brian is very invested and a hard worker.

    - Pat Tovey, Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation

  • They gave us a full package for plumbing, HVAC and controls. That’s a plus for us. It eliminates one more guy in the mix. We don’t have to deal with a separate contractor and try to talk to plumbing, mechanical and everything else.

    - Skip Ferguson, Benaka, Inc.

  • MYCO will communicate to you, and let you know that there could be an issue coming. They’ll say, ‘Let’s take a look at it and see how we can solve it.’ They don’t just wait until the last minute.